”Crime and Punishment” on stage at The Alexandrinsky Theatre in St. Petersburg

Embrace this amazing opportunity to experience Dostoevsky’s ”Crime and Punishment” on stage at The Alexandrinsky Theatre in St. Petersburg – one of the supreme masterpieces of world literature. Premieres on 22end of May, 2021.

With its multiple story lines and polyphonic sound, the play addresses the fundamental questions of existence, providing a contemporary interpretation of the great Russian writer’s novel, which focuses on the loss of faith and the possibility of redemption for the human soul.

According to the stage director, Attila Vidnyánszky, the performance “enquires into the basic problems of European civilization, primarily the question of the freedom of conscience and faith. A large part of the world has become atheist, but that has not made anyone much happier. Dostoyevsky’s brilliant, prophetic novel is probably more topical today than ever before.” 

The company, made up of leading actors of the established Russian theatre, has created a contemporary mystery-play in which the music, the spectacle, and the script create an expressive unity, thereby representing the completeness and diversity of the original work, but also rethinking the role of several key characters.


Dostoevsky’s ”Crime and Punishment” is performed in Russian, with simultaneous interpretation in Hungarian. The production is one the most outstanding productions in the Russian theatrical world in 2016-2017.


The Russian State Pushkin Academy Drama Theater – the legendary Alexandrinsky Theater – is the oldest Russian national theater. It was founded by the Senate’s Decree, signed by Empress Elizabeth (daughter of Peter the Great) on August 30, 1756, the day of Saint Alexander Nevsky. This theater is the progenitor of all Russian theaters and the date of its foundation is the birthday of the Russian professional theater. Here, at the Alexandrinsky Theater, took place premieres of practically all plays of the Russian drama classics: from the “Woes of Wits” by A. Griboyedov to the plays by A. Ostrovsky and Anton Chekhov.


Tue ‒ Thu: 09am ‒ 07pm
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Adults: $25
Children & Students free

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