OPEN CALL FOR PAPERS: Dostoevsky. Literary and philosophical contexts at Tekstualia, 2021

Tekstualia: a Polish literary-critical Journal is preparing a special Issue on the occasion of the 200th Birthday of Fyodor Dostoevsky.

The editors of Tekstualia would like to invite researchers representing various disciplines to share thoughts on the oeuvre and life of this ingenious and extremely influential artist.

Discussion on Dostoevsky, his “cursed problems”, as well as his writing technique and philosophy has been undertaken constantly ‒ basically since the first texts of this literary giant emerged. However, as Franz Kafka ‒ one of Dostoevsky’s brilliant literary “debtors” ‒ wrote, “with an iron bone containing the noblest marrow, one can only deal with by collective biting with all the teeth of all dogs together”. Mutatis mutandis: only a consistent research effort, undertaken incessantly for numerous years, has a chance to meet the challenge posed by Dostoevsky’s works mighty corpus, with all its literary craft and nuances of thought.


The issue is produced in cooperation with various specialists, including researchers from Charles University in Prague, Central European Research Institute of Søren Kierkegaard and the 9th CERI Søren Kierkegaard 2021 conference in Ljubljana.

Deadline for article submissions: September 15, 2021


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